About Fire SOPs

Fire SOP’s is a free web based service that facilitates the sharing and exchanging of Standard Operating Procedures for municipal fire departments.   Our service allows firefighters to evaluate and implement the SOP’s of similarly sized communities.  We recognize that operating procedures differentiate based on several factors including community size, resources and career vs. call members.

Fire SOP’s was started in 2012 by Roger Kendrick, a Boston Firefighter assigned to Tower Ladder 3.   Roger was appointed to the BFD in 2000, and is an EMT, Structural Collapse Technician and member of the New England FOOLS.  He is also the founder of Boston Fire Gear, www.bostonfiregear.com, which provides high-quality, reasonably priced Boston Fire themed clothing.

Fire SOP’s firmly believes that through exchanging and sharing information we will create a more efficient and ultimately safer fireground.  Please bookmark our site and stop by often.  We encourage others to submit their own departments SOP’s or SOG’s as well, by simply going to our Submit SOP tab.



Thanks – STAY SAFE!


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